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Day 001: Mystery Unboxing!
Day 002: Getting the HiFive1 Working
Day 003: Programming the HiFive1
Day 004: Exploring the Freedom E SDK
Day 005: Understanding read_csr(mhartid)
Day 006: Studying the PLIC
Day 007: Understanding PLIC_Init & PLIC_set_threshold
Day 008: Bit Twiddling Confusion
Day 009: Understanding the Rest of the PLIC Driver & RTC_FREQUENCY
Day 010: Studying GNU Assembler Syntax
Day 011: Studying RISC-V Instruction Encoding
Day 012: Ripple Carry Adders & Two's Complement
Day 013: Getting Back to the Code
Day 014: Studying the Machine Interrupt Registers
Day 015: Understanding reset_demo
Day 016: Understanding the Relationship Between the PLIC, mie, and mstatus MIE Bit
Day 017: Studying CLINT
Day 018: Andrew Waterman & Yunsup Lee Interview
Day 019: Investigating handle_m_time_interrupt
Day 020: Studying GPIO & The Config String
Day 021: Exploring the Config String Memory with the HiFive1
Day 022: Fun with Pointers & Printing
Day 023: Searching Raw Memory for Unix Timestamps
Day 024: Reading about GPIO
Day 025: Studying the OTP
Day 026: Studying LED Inversion via GPIO
Day 027: Diving Into Pulse Width Modulation
Day 028: Studying PWM
Day 029.1: PWM & The LED Fade Demo (1/2)
Day 029.2: PWM & The LED Fade Demo (2/2)
Day 030: Studying the LED Fade Demo Code
Day 031: Confusion over our PWM signals
Day 032: Understanding Left & Right Aligned Waveforms
Day 033: Understanding Center Aligned Waveforms & Searching For __atomic_fetch_xor
Day 034: Learning about the UART
Day 035: uart_init, get_cpu_freq, & `static` Legalese
Day 036: BareD, Story Time, & measure_cpu_freq
Day 037: Fun with Fixed Point Math
Day 038: Understanding measure_cpu_freq, get_cpu_freq, & uart_init
Day 039: __wrap_write
Day 040: PRCI
Day 041: Understanding the Perf Demo & Studying AON
Day 042: Reading about the PMU, Backup Regs, & Boot Process
Day 043: More confusion over LEDs
Day 044: LED Fade Demo Review
Day 045: Dhrystone
Day 046: Pure & Utter Insanity (Dhrystone)
Day 047: Studying local-interrupts Demo
Day 048: Studying global-interrupts Demo
Day 049: Writing a PWM Speed Test
Day 050: PWM Speed Test (Cont.)
Day 051: Studying entry.S